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How to Prevent Mold Growth In Your Home During the Colder Months

The key to preventing mold from growing indoors, especially during the wet winter season, is controlling moisture and keeping your home as clean and well-ventilated as possible. Here’s what you should do:

Keep Humidity Low and Air Moving

Mold is naturally going to thrive when there is moisture in the air and on surfaces nearby. Controlling the humidity in your household is one of the best ways you can prevent mold from growing during the colder months. If the air in your home is dry, mold spores are less likely to land in a spot where they have enough moisture to begin to grow.

Keep Mold-Prone Areas Dry & Clean

Regularly cleaning all mold-prone surfaces and objects in your home can help prevent mold from building up. That means focusing on windows and sills, corners around the kitchen, shower and bathroom walls, and any areas where leaking or flooding can happen. Make sure to wash and thoroughly dry your bath mats, kitchen and bath towels, and any other fabrics that absorb a lot of moisture.

Also when you clean your bathroom, kitchen, basement, or other areas that are frequently exposed to moisture, consider using products designed to kill mold.

keeping mold prone areas clean also means proper maintenance of the outside of your home, including gutters, outside window sills, sheds, and drains. This all can drastically help reduce the risk of leaks and the buildup of moisture outside of your home.

Repair Leaks Quickly

It’s a good idea to regularly check your gutters, drains, basement areas, and any other exposed pipes in or around your home for water leaks. Areas where leaking or flooding has occurred provide an opportunity for mold to take hold and begin growing quickly. That’s why identifying and repairing leaks when they occur is extremely important to prevent mold- especially during the wet winter season.

Be Careful When Storing Items Away for Winter

Many of us store summer clothes, camping equipment, outdoor gear, and other warm-weather items in the basement, garage, shed, or other areas that are out of the way. Make sure all of these items are completely clean and dry before storing. When possible, you may even want to store summer gear in plastic tubs and/or on shelving units that sit off the ground. This will ensure they stay dry all winter, even if leaking or flooding occurs.

Get Your Home Tested for Mold

Preventing mold from growing in the first place is the ideal scenario. Identifying it quickly when it appears so that you can remove the mold properly from your home is the next best thing. This will protect your home from damage and protect your family from future harm.

If you suspect mold is growing in or around your home, it’s important to have it professionally tested so you know what you’re dealing with and can take steps to remove any mold that has begun to grow in your home. Make sure to call the Refined Restoration team if you ever suspect mold growth in or around your home!

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